GALLERY: Breathtaking yard: Slobodanka Stojanovska has golden hands and a blossoming soul

PHOTO: Private Archive

Slobodanka Stojanovska has a breath-taking yard. The yard is located in Madzari, and covers an area of ​​about 500 square meters. 

The diligent Slobodanka mostly takes care of this incredible beauty from a variety of flowers.

- The balconies are dominated by pythons-surfinia, but I also have roses, Greek empathies, tulips during their season, chrysanthemums, campanula and many others, says Slobodanka.

She "talks" to them, that is, she takes care of the flowers for an hour or two a day. But he says mowing the lawn and pruning takes more time, about three hours.

- In order to start growing a plant or a flower, we need to do it with love. If we are not ready to pay enough attention, love and time to each plant, we should not even start it, this woman advises us with golden hands and adds:

In order for someone to start growing flowers, he should do it with love, but of course he should devote time and attention to them. It should start with flowers that are more resistant to the sun.

We ask her, which flower is her favorite.

- I love everyone equally, and I take care of everyone equally, she answers.

And what about the winter season?

-Those who can not stand the winter outside…

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