The under-17 soccer players from Portugal return with 27 goals conceded and none scored

Photo: FFM

The women's football team of Macedonia under 17 continued to lose convincingly with many goals conceded.

Today, Katerina Mileska's team was defeated by Hungary 7:0 and it was the third match of the qualifying tournament for the European Championship held in Lisbon, Portugal.

We opened the tournament with the biggest defeat, 13:0 against Germany, and then with 7:0 better than our soccer players was also Portugal. When everything comes together, our national team returns home with 27 goals conceded and none scored.

The composition in which Macedonia traveled to the tournament:

Goalkeepers: Vedrana Komnenova, Meri Vaseva;

Defense: Sladjana Gjordjieva, Iva Jovanoska, Mina Kovaceska, Elena Llondevska, Mihaela Markovska, Mila Paneva, Katerina Petkova;

Middle row: Teona Galabovska, Iva Josifova, Rona Rustemi, Nikica Trendova, Vaska Vasileva, Eva Velichkova;

Attack: Ana Borzoska, Melissa Milica Dimitriski, Anastasia Ilievska, Nastasja Nakova, Jovana Pavlovska.

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