Bayern players set up fund to fight coronavirus, but have not been vaccinated

Kimih and Gorecka donated one million euros each in the fight against coronavirus / photo: EPA-EFE / ALEXANDER HASSENSTEIN

Bayern Munich players in the next period will be without coach Julian Nagelsmann who is positive for coronavirus.

Now the players of the Bavarian team have decided to become more actively involved in the fight against the coronavirus, and Joshua Kimih and Leon Gorecka have set up a "Let's kick the corona" fund that cares for coronavirus sufferers. The two players donated one million euros each for this action, and previously Kimih donated half a million euros to UNICEF.

- Each of us can make the crown not spread, and together we can contribute to a safer community - said Kimih.

Interestingly, Kimih donated a million euros for the new foundation, and he together with four other football players have not been vaccinated yet, writes "Bild".

On the other hand, quarantined Nagelsman is a big advocate of vaccination.
- Ask the medical staff what the hell people who are not vaccinated go through. That is why I am a supporter of vaccination and I believe that it is for the good of all, but I would never persuade anyone to do anything - said Nagelsman.

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