Fines are flying in Tetovo, the "spider service" picks up over 300 vehicles every month, and the traffic is still chaotic

Photo: Free Press

In the past two and a half months, a total of 1192 measures have been issued for wrong parking in the wider Tetovo area. A total of 946 vehicles were picked up by the "Spider Service".

"It is mostly about vehicles parked in so-called "double rows", in the zone of intersections, on sidewalks and in other prohibited places. Adequate submissions have been prepared for all the offending drivers, and depending on where they parked their vehicles, they will face fines ranging from 45 to 180 euros in denar equivalents for this type of traffic violation," said SVR Tetovo.

From there, they say that in the coming period they will continue with enhanced controls around parking, especially in the central area of ​​Tetovo, in order to enable smooth and safe traffic flow.

But despite the fines for illegal parking and towing of vehicles on average over 300 during the month, the traffic in Tetovo is still chaotic. Vehicles are parked on sidewalks, on public areas, and vehicles are left on the streets themselves, which hinders the normal movement of the streets, which are often blocked.

The people of Tetovo say that the traffic culture is at a very low level, but the picture on the ground has been like that for decades because there are not enough parking spaces in the city.

"We see that the municipality boasts that it provides more parking spaces, but I did not see the construction of a multi-story garage, the opening of a new parking lot, but only promotes existing parking spaces where we have parked before, which were in the wild, and now are slightly arranged and you have to pay there. So more parking spaces are needed. I rarely drive in the city center, but when I have to, I am forced to make several rounds around "Marshal Tito" boulevard to find a space within the zone parking, and sometimes I can't find it at all", says a driver from Aunt.

The public enterprise JP Gradski parking Tetovo has 764 parking spaces that are within the framework of zone parking and closed parking lots, and according to certain estimates of the SVR Tetovo, over 60.000 vehicles move in the city. At the end of last year, City Parking announced that in April of this year they will start construction activities for the construction of a multi-storey garage around the green market in Tetovo.

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