The French defended Djokovic because of Messi


The choice of Lionel Messi for "athlete of the year" according to the British "Times" caused stormy reactions in part of the sports public. The Argentine won the World Cup but at the end of 2022, while during 2023 he had a rather disappointing year in which he left European football.

A reaction also came from the French portal specialized in tennis "" whence they consider that Ковиokovi. it simply had no competition in 2023.

"Like most sports fans, we really love Lionel Messi in our newsroom. He became world champion with Argentina for the first time in his career and deserves all the praise. But there are limits. Since the British "Times" declared him the best athlete in 2023, we have the right to question the credibility of this award.

Without going too far into the pro-tennis prism, it seems to us that Novak Djokovic deserves this recognition. "Unlike the Argentinian soccer player, the Serbian tennis player, at 36 years old, played as many as four Grand Slam finals in 2023 and won three of them in the period from January to September," reads the text.

In the conclusion of the text, they demand more respect for Djokovic.

"We're not going to get into conspiracy theories and question Messi's talent, but we can say that Novak Djokovic deserves a little more respect from certain media outlets for everything he's achieved in his career," concluded the French.

Otherwise, contrary to "The Times", Djokovic is the main candidate for winning the recognition of "athlete of the year" in the selection of "BBC". Messi is last year's winner in the "BBC" selection, but this year he is not even in the short competition.

Djokovic favorite for BBC sportsman of the year award

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