The French claim: ковиokovi,, however, can not play at "Roland Garros" !?

Novak Djokovic expects to play more matches in Belgrade than in Monte Carlo / photo: EPA-EFE / JAMES ROSS

"The French are changing the rules about passes and the possibility of entering their country again," he said.L`Equipe“. February is approaching, and no one knows if it will be possible Novak Djokovic to defend the title in Paris at the Grand Slam tournament "Roland GarrosIn Paris.

France recently introduced a rule that unvaccinated athletes will not be able to seek medical exemption to participate in tournaments, then it was reported that Djokovic and the unvaccinated could still play, provided the measures allow it before the end of spring.

The French were not sure what could change until then, and then new information arrived. Djokovic tested positive for coronavirus in mid-December, but will be seen in a similar way to Australia under new French rules.

Namely, it will enter into force in mid-February protocol according to which those infected with the coronavirus will not remain unvaccinated for at least another six months because they have antibodies.

Instead, that period has been reduced to four months, which means that, according to L'Equipe, Djokovic would have protection until April, so he will not be able to play at Roland Garros.

According to existing protocols, he could do so because the tournament ends in mid-June, when six months have passed since the previous infection. The source states that it is impossible to predict what will happen in the coming months, so it is not certain whether the Serbian ace will be able to defend the trophy in the French capital.

Ковиokovi.'S lawyer: No criminal charges have been filed against Novak

The protocol enters into force on 15 February, but it is not excluded that there will be some changes again. Only the ones we expect now are not encouraging again.

We remind you that Djokovic is defending the title after beating Stefanos Tsitsipas in five sets in the final last year. He could not defend his Australian Open title, that is, he was deported from Melbourne precisely because he was not vaccinated against the coronavirus, so his visa was revoked.

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