The Frenchman Mane left HC Metalurg

French left-back Abdullah Mane is no longer part of the Avtokomanda team / Photo:

After the departure of the brothers Kevin and Olivier Lokas (in the ranks of Vardar 1961), another Frenchman left the team from "Avtokomanda", Abdullah Mane.

The president of the handball club Metalurg, Zorica Blazevska believes that despite the departure of Mane the club will be back on track.

- WHC Metalurg traveled to play both matches of the European Cup, our young players from 2004/2005 are fighting like lions in the First League ско soon and the young Macedonians in the youth categories….

The right people, talented and quality players will stay in the first team until the end… more important things than Mane's departure.

Metalurg are also the youth, women, coaches… For all of them this is a thorny path, for dignity, for support… why we are a family - wrote Blazevska on Facebook.