French Parliament: Ukraine should be allowed to shoot targets on the territory of Russia with French weapons

The French parliament has called for the lifting of restrictions on Ukraine's attacks on Russian territory with French-supplied weapons.

The president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly, Jean-Louis Bourlange, made such a call to the country's authorities.

The politician wrote a letter to the French leadership, in which he called to abandon "restraint and make a decision" following the example of Britain, which allowed Ukrainian troops to attack with their weapons on Russian territory.

"It seems that the time has come... The right of self-defense excludes the right of inviolability of the aggressor's territory," he emphasized and added that the change of doctrine will be absolutely legal, as it will end the asymmetry between the aggressor and the victim.

At the same time, Bourlange emphasized that neither France nor Ukraine's other Western partners are ready to go to war with the Russian Federation.

"Therefore, it is not about their participation in the war theater, but about lifting the unjustified taboo," he wrote in his letter.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Ukraine has been restricted in the use of weapons obtained from Western countries to strike Russian territory.

Usually in the West this limitation was explained by the fact that they are giving weapons to Ukraine to defend against the Russian invasion, not to attack.

As previously reported, the Pentagon also said that they believed that the weapons that the US gave to Ukraine as military aid should have been used on the territory of Ukraine.

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