PHOTO+VIDEO | A life story that made many cry: She lost her memory in an accident, her husband did an incredible job...

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Justice Stamper she imagined her dream wedding since childhood. Her vision included an intimate ceremony with a theme – a country decorated with sunflowers and intense yellow and blue details, it says "Bright side" (Bright side).

The happy groom has known Justice since school, when they were 10 years old. Jeremy admits that he admired her a lot at the time, and their romance blossomed during their high school years

The couple discussed marriage, as the two felt an undeniable connection.

"We just knew we were meant to be together," says Justice.

But on August 20, 2014 a great tragedy happened. Just weeks after their idyllic wedding in Virginia, Justice had accident in which she suffered life-threatening injuries.

Jeremy remembered the anguished phone call from Justice, her sobbing voice filled with anguish, causing him to rush to her. She was on her way to her aunt's house when another vehicle collided with her from behind at 80 km/h, throwing both her and her car 50 meters off the road.

After the accident, a difficult period of recovery followed. It took Justice more than a month and a half to work up the courage to reveal to Jeremy that she couldn't remember their wedding day or the weeks leading up to the event.

Jeremy, although discouraged, responded with unwavering support and understanding. He persuaded her not to be sad and angry, telling her firmly, "We'll do it again."

He stayed true to his promise, and the couple began planning a second wedding. Taking matters into his own hands, Jeremy secretly started a GoFundMe campaign, appealing to the kindness and generosity of others to contribute what they can to help them achieve their dream wedding.

In the end, Jeremy raised over $5.000 and gave his beloved the wedding of her dreams.

"Our first wedding was beautiful and perfect, but this time I want Justice to be truly delighted. She deserves it," Jeremy said in an interview.

"I'm lucky to be alive and I'm so lucky to have Jeremy because I wouldn't have made it without him," Justice added.

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