PHOTO+VIDEO: In a police action, the transportation of drugs worth one hundred thousand euros was prevented

Archive Sloboden Pechat/Photo: Ministry of Interior

Today, the police deprived two people from Arachinovo of their freedom, thus preventing the transport of about 35 kilograms of drugs worth 100.000 euros, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced.

In the morning hours, as the Ministry of the Interior says, at the Tetovo toll station, on the Gostivar-Tetovo highway, the police gave a stop sign to a passenger vehicle "Range Rover", with Skopje registration plates, driven by K.A. (32), in which the passenger was O.A. (23), both from the village of Arachinovo, Skopje. They disobeyed the given police order to stop the vehicle and ran away, and also damaged a police vehicle. In a short time, the police managed to stop them and deprived them of freedom.

During an inspection in the trunk of the vehicle, four bags of marijuana were found, with a total weight of about 35 kilograms, with a value of about 100.000 euros. The Public Prosecutor from the Tetovo Public Prosecutor's Office came to the scene at the Tetovo toll station and led the investigation. A little later, following a received court order, searches were also carried out in the homes of the two persons in Arachinovo, during which items related to the crime were found, the Ministry says.

Photo: MIA

Susana Pranjic Talevska from the Ministry of the Interior informed that for a long time actions were taken against A.K. for committing several crimes, such as migrant smuggling and drug smuggling.

Photo: MIA

The persons were detained at the Tetovo Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of the Interior adds that criminal charges will be filed against them during the day in accordance with the Criminal Code.

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