PHOTO+VIDEO | Guinness World Record: The largest pink donut in the world has been made, it weighs 102 kilograms

Photo: Guinness World Records / Ferrari / Profimedia

The cook Nick DiGiovanni and the famous Lynn Davis, once again proved their mastery in the world of gastronomy, by achieving an extraordinary feat, writes "India Times".

The dynamic duo recently create a giant pink donut, weighing an incredible 102,5 kilograms, thus winning the prestigious title "The Biggest Donut in the World", awarded by the Guinness Book of Records.

To secure this impressive accolade, DiGiovanni and Davis embarked on the daunting challenge of creating the giant donut in a tight time frame of just eight hours.

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

In addition to the time limit, the giant donut had to be at least 30 centimeters tall, meeting all the strict criteria for this prestigious world record.

Nick shared a video on YouTube showing the intricate process of their daring culinary venture. According to him, this mass creation equals a whopping 1.500 donuts regular size, which is a testament to their culinary ingenuity.

Watch the video below:

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