PHOTO+VIDEO | "With love, for Skopje": Dac and Aleksandar prepared a wonderful evening for their audience

Photo: "Sloboden Pechat"/Meto Zdravev

The actor Dragan Spasov - Doc and the singer Aleksandar Mitevski they have existed as a musical duo for four years, and tonight on that occasion they gave a birthday concert to their faithful audience. The gathering place is the beautiful green garden on the roof of the City Shopping Center in Skopje.

Starting at 20.30:XNUMX p.m., visitors enjoyed the famous festival choruses and evergreens.

"It seems to me as if we have existed for 40 years, because we are very active every day. We were with the people during the entire pandemic period, and day and night we gave a ray of hope to the people. Since then all the calls have been directed to that, when an opportunity opens up to do something, where everyone will be free to come. This is exactly why we are doing this concert for all generations, and the occasion is our fourth birthday," Mitevski recently told "Sloboden Pechat".

In the following, we bring you part of the wonderful atmosphere from the birthday concert.

Photo: "Sloboden Pechat"/Meto Zdravev
Photo: "Sloboden Pechat"/Meto Zdravev
Photo: "Sloboden Pechat"/Meto Zdravev

VIDEO | Aleksandar and Dac: We will sing beautiful, old songs, which will bring the old Skopjes back to some good times

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