PHOTO+VIDEO | Ronaldo ruined Georgina's birthday party

Photo: Printscreen/Twitter/Instagram

Georgina Rodriguez celebrated her 29th birthday at a luxury restaurant in Riyadh, but her celebration was spoiled by her fiance, a famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo.

"I turned 29 surrounded by people and little people whom I love with all my heart. I am immensely grateful to God for everything. Thank you all for taking a moment to congratulate me and send so much love," Georgina wrote on Instagram with a series of photos from the birthday celebration.


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For that occasion, Georgina wore a tight white dress that highlighted her curves. She celebrated her birthday surrounded by family and friends, and foreign media reported that the model and the soccer player did not enter the restaurant at the same time. The celebrant arrived first with the children. Georgina had a serious look on her face, and the cameras caught her complaining.

Then Ronaldo came with his friends. This obviously bothered Georgina, because the footballer was in the center of attention and everyone was taking pictures of him, while she fell into the background. Numerous fans were waiting for Ronaldo, so after the celebration they showered him with requests for photos and autographs. Then Georgina was once again in his shadow.

The Spaniard has not yet revealed what she got her fiance for his birthday, and she gave him an expensive Royce-Rolls for Christmas.

To recall, Ronaldo and Georgina have been in a relationship since 2016 and have daughters Alana (5) and nine-month-old Bella. With the help of surrogate mothers, the footballer gave birth to his son Christian Ronaldo Jr. (12) and twins Eva and Mateo (5).

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