PHOTO+VIDEO | Birthday party for little Mosha: The son of Slatkar and Sanja Nikolic turned 4 years old

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The son of Sanja Nikolic и Marko Marinkovic better known to the public as Confectioner, turned four years old.

The happy parents organized a birthday party for little Mosha with his favorite hero Spider-Man. Namely, Slatkar and Sanja shared several videos and photos on social networks that captured the atmosphere of the children's birthday.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram
Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The birthday party was with red and blue balloons, the cake with the image of Spider-Man and the number 4 on it. Mosha blew out the candles together with Sanya, Slatkar and Spider-Man.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

On the occasion of his birthday, little Mosha received a large number of congratulations.

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