PHOTO+VIDEO | The world's first 3D-printed vegan salmon has hit supermarkets

3D Printed Vegan Salmon - Photo: Revo Foods / Ferrari / Profimedia

Different types of food are already being made using a 3D printer, but this is the first time a product has reached industrial level.

Printed alternative to salmon fillets, called "salmon inspired filets", sold in the Austrian shops and is considered the first 3D-printed food to hit supermarket shelves, it announced "IFL Science" (IFLScience).

- This is a milestone in the industrial 3D printing of food, we are starting a creative revolution in the food industry, an era in which food is produced in accordance with the needs of consumers - said Robin Simsa, CEO of the company "Rivo Foods".

3D Printed Vegan Salmon – Photo: Revo Foods / Ferrari / Profimedia

Like some other meat substitutes, this salmon substitute is made from mycoprotein, which is obtained from filamentous fungi. As for the nutrients, the product has a lot of vitamins, and even omega-3 fatty acids. It is considered that there is high protein content with about 9,5 grams per 100 grams of product, although this is half the protein content of real salmon meat.

Researchers have been working on the development of 3D printed food for years, and so far various printed food products have appeared, but so far it has not reached the industrial level.

Various companies have been working for at least a decade to develop different types of lab meat, some to reduce the pollution produced by agricultural production, others to create a vegan alternative to real meat.

The first trial of a lab-grown beef patty was organized on August 5, 2013, and as of 2020, test-tube meat is being sold in Singapore and Israel.

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