PHOTO+VIDEO | The largest ship in the world: Six times the size of an aircraft carrier, which holds 100.000 people

Photo: Freedom Cruise Line International / Ferrari / Profimedia

The largest ship in the world, which will be able to carry up to 100.000 people, will make possible the most impressive mega-cruise ever. Designed to be much more than a cruise ship, "Freedom Ship" is a huge floating place where people can live, work, retire or go on vacation, he writes "San".

After ten years of planning and investment, the American company "Freedom Cruise Line International" (Freedom Cruise Line International) should start building this ship next year. It's a so-called floating city, 1370 meters long and 106 meters high that would permanently cruise the world's oceans – never staying in one place long enough to bore those who are there.

Photo: Freedom Cruise Line International / Ferrari / Profimedia

Going from Britain – it would head past France into the Mediterranean, and circle around Africa and into the Indian Ocean. It will then go around Australia, towards China, and then head across the Pacific and down the coast of America.

"The Liberty Ship will be the largest ship ever built," said Roger M. Gooch, director of the company.

It should be six times larger than the current largest aircraft carrier in the world. In the images generated with the help of a computer program, this ship looks like a floating parking lot up to 25 stories high.

Photo: Freedom Cruise Line International / Ferrari / Profimedia

The "Freedom Ship" should include housing, schools, hospitals, art galleries, shops, parks, aquariums, ponds, and the like. On top of this building will be an airport with a runway for small private and commercial aircraft, which will allow the transportation of passengers or the delivery of necessary food.

The desire of the company behind this project is for the ship to have 40.000 permanent residents, 30.000 day visitors, 10.000 occasional guests, and 20.000 crew members and employees in the ship's institutions.

Photo: Freedom Cruise Line International / Ferrari / Profimedia

The "Freedom Ship" project was first proposed in the nineties of the last century. He maintains a vision of a mobile ocean colony not subject to the laws of any state, where people could live, work or enjoy their retirement without any restrictions.

The realization of this project has been awaited for decades due to the lack of necessary funds for its construction. It is assumed that the ship will cost around 10 billion euros, while accommodation on it should cost from 175.000 euros to 10 million euros – depending on the chosen accommodation unit.

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