PHOTO+VIDEO | 150.000 tons of frozen water discovered on Mars: A key step towards understanding the planet

Photo: Profimedia

On the Mars a significant deposit of frozen water (150.000 tons) on top of one volcano, which is the result of research by American scientists published in the journal "Nature Geosciences" (Nature Geosciences). This region, known as Tharsis, is the largest mountain range in the solar system and is located at the planet's equator.

This discovery is particularly important, because the presence of water on mars may indicate the possibility of existence conditions for life. Scientists have observed that every evening ice condenses on the mountains of Mars and then evaporates during the morning hours. According to the study's lead author, Adomas Valantinas of Brown University, this may be a remnant of an ancient climate cycle on Mars, when there was precipitation, perhaps even snow.

Previous research has also shown that liquid water has existed on Mars for at least 200 million years. NASA recently also discovered a huge pit on Mars, about 178 meters deep, which further intrigued researchers about the nature and geology of this planet.

These discoveries are key to understanding the past of Mars and the possibility that the planet may have had conditions for life at some point, a topic that is attracting increasing attention from the scientific community and the general public.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System, known for its reddish color due to the high content of iron in its surface. This planet is smaller than Earth and has a thinner atmosphere, which consists mainly of carbon dioxide.


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