PHOTO + VIDEO | "Macedonian Lions": Trifun Kostovski sang at the jubilee party of "Kometal Gjorce Petrov"

trifun Kostovski
Part of the atmosphere of the jubilee party / Photo: Facebook / Trifun Kostovski

20 years ago, on May 19, the women's handball club "SC Gjorche Petrov"Won the European title in the Women's Champions League. That jubilee was the reason for a small celebration among the closest friends of the then sponsor of the club, Trifun Kostovski and part of the team that beat Hertz to win the title.

The party was attended by most of the team "Kometal Gjorce Petrov" such as Ivan Bojkov, Vladimir Radic, Lidija Adzievska, Natalija Todorovska, Mileva Velkova, Angela Platon, Elena Zlatanovska, Andrijana Budimir, Mirjana Cupic and others. Together with Kostovski, they sang in one voice the anthem of the club "Kometal Champion" as well as "How good is your vision" which became part of the tradition of the club and was sung after each of their victories. The former goalkeeper of the Macedonian handball team Borko Ristovski was also at the party on the occasion of the jubilee.

Trifun Kostovski stressed that this club deserves all the support, which sends a message that Gjorce Petrov continues to live in the hearts of loyal fans.

"I thank the leadership of the Handball Federation of Macedonia for allowing us to transfer the won titles and cups to today's Gjorce Petrov WHC. "Message to the handball players - be racks on the field, and ladies in everyday life," said Kostovski.

The party continued with songs by the legendary Bjelo Dugme, which was played, sung and toasted in honor of the jubilee of Kometal's victory. Driven by emotions, Kostovski grabbed a microphone and sang "If I go to Bitola".

Trifun Kostovski shared part of the atmosphere on his Facebook profile yesterday.

"Dear friends, I would like to share with you part of the atmosphere from yesterday's celebration on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of winning the title of European Champion in women's handball at the Handball Club Kometal-Gjorce Petrov. "After 20 years, just like then, we sang, danced, toasted and shared memories, returning to the continental success achieved by our handball players, our Macedonian lioness," he wrote in the description of the photos.

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