PHOTO + VIDEO | Hero mother: A Danish woman proudly showed off her "unusual" pregnant belly

Michelle Meyer-Morsi
Michelle Meyer-Morsi / Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

This female hero became popular on social media after keeping track of her pregnancy, mostly because of her "unusual" belly in which she wore a threesome. The public declared him a superhero, and here is why.

Michelle Meyer-Morsi from Denmark gave birth earlier this month, giving birth to Charles, Theodore and Gabriel.

Michelle kept a neat pregnancy diary on her Instagram account, not hiding what her pregnant belly looks like.

He shared the announcements with his over 260.000 followers, showing them, as he puts it, the "giant belly" every day.

The biggest attention was drawn to her video on "TickTock" published by a completely different person, who wrote that Michelle is another proof why mothers must be respected. The video has been viewed over 14 million times, and there are numerous comments.

"I have no words, great respect", "I was speechless, you are my superhero from now on", "The best example of how beautiful a woman's body is", are some of the comments.

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Before giving birth, Michelle discovered that she was in great pain and that she was glad her pregnancy was coming to an end.

The delivery lasted 36 hours, but this mother noted that it went better than she expected.

She also shared a photo of her abdomen ten days after giving birth, explaining that it was already much smaller, but that it was heavy and incredibly painful.

"For the last few days, I have been in pain when I was breathing," she admitted.

In addition to the triplet, she and her husband are the parents of two twins, who recently turned three years old.

For every woman, pregnancy is a different concept. The size of the pregnant belly can be affected by which pregnancy is in order and the structure of the woman's body, but also the baby itself. Diastasis, a condition in pregnancy when the left and right abdominal muscles separate, also contributes to the shape of the abdomen.

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