PHOTO + VIDEO | Hurd "broke": Johnny Depp raped me with a bottle and smeared the walls with blood

Amber Herd
Amber Heard during her testimony / Photo: EPA-EFE / JIM LO SCALZO

During the trial, on which Johnny Depp blamed his ex-wife Amber Herd for false allegations of abuse, the actress testified that Depp raped her with a glass bottle and smeared the walls of the house with her blood.

Hurd revealed all the details and broke down completely during her speech, and according to Depp's lawyers - her testimony is just an act.

The attack allegedly took place in March 2015 at the house where they lived, which Depp bought during the filming of the fifth sequel to the series "Pirates of the Caribbean". The actor then injured his finger after Amber threw a bottle at him.

"At one point he shouted at me that he hated me, that I had ruined his life. He was holding my neck. I looked him in the eyes, but as if I did not see him. "It was not him, everything was black," Hurd recalled.


"I have never been so scared in my life. He was looking at me. I was trying to reach him, to tell him that it was me. I was trying to get to Johnny. It hit the back of my head from the bar and I could not breathe. I remember trying to get up and tell him he was hurting me. But I could not. "I could not breathe, I could not get up," the actress testified.


The actress then revealed how she felt when Depp raped her with a glass bottle.

"I could not feel it, I did not feel pain, I did not feel anything. I saw such broken glass and thought: 'I hope it is not broken (the bottle)'. I do not know how it ended, I do not know how I got off the desk. I remember I ended up in the bathroom. I remember vomiting, I remember the sound of my voice. "I remember there was blood on the floor," she said.

As a reminder, the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has been going on for four weeks.

Namely, Depp asks Heard to pay him 50 million dollars for text published in The Washington Post and in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence.

Hurd then retaliated with a $ 100 million lawsuit because he thought he wanted to intimidate her and shut up with his lawsuits.

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