PHOTO+VIDEO | Meghan Markle's doppelgänger: I get attacked because of the resemblance, but I get drinks

Sidney Beckles/Meghan Markle/Photo: Printscreen/ Instagram/ Profimedia

A girl has become a viral hit on TikTok because of her resemblance to Meghan Markle.

Sidney Beckless which is a "copy" of Megan Markle is facing ridicule on social media for bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex.

This started when former actress Meghan Markle started dating Prince Harry, but it became a real viral hit in 2020, reports New York Post.

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Beckless claims she is not getting any "royal" treatment because of her resemblance to Meghan. The XNUMX-year-old has received countless comments online, including remarks aimed at Markle such as, "She's a bad person," "I wouldn't be proud to look like her," or "I'm sorry, people think you're a liar too." like her."


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"Most of the comments are directed specifically at Megan and remarks that I shouldn't be proud of looking like her," Bechless told the Nidtunnow portal. (NeedToKnow.Online). "Generally people comment on positive things, the most common ones like 'I thought it was Meghan Markle', 'You look just like her, she's so beautiful', and the same thing happens when they see me live," Beckless adds.
While she's constantly mocked online, she says live that she doesn't get that treatment, quite the opposite, her resemblance to Meghan has earned her free drinks on nights out.


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Although the world thinks she is a copycat of Meghan Markle, she doesn't think so. "I think I look like her from some angles, especially if my hair is straight, but generally I would never have thought of such a thing if it hadn't been pointed out to me. I think we have similar facial features, specifically in the smile. "I think it's a compliment that people compare me to her, she's a wonderful woman," Beckless admits.


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Beckless thinks it's nice that people recognize and comment on her, but still, she wouldn't want to spend her life and reality in the shadow of another person, she would like to be recognized for being herself.

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