PHOTO+VIDEO | Arab sheikh keeps tigers, lions and bears as pets: He doesn't care about criticism

Photo: Instagram/ Humaid Abdulla Albuqaish🇦🇪🇧🇷

Sheikh Humaid Abdullah Albuqaish one Dubai has gained great popularity on social networks thanks to its unusual pets. He keeps tigers, lions, cheetahs, snakes, wolves, and even bears as pets.

Almost every day on his Instagram profile, where he is followed by more than four million people, Humaid publishes photos and videos of himself exotic animals.

Photo: Instagram/ Humaid Abdulla Albuqaish🇦🇪🇧🇷

This millionaire puts his hands in the mouths of his pets without any fear, plays with them, "fights", drives them in expensive cars and yachts.

Many criticize him in the comments for his unusual hobby and write to him that his animals deserve a life in the wild, but negative comments mean nothing to Humaid.

Given that it is illegal to keep big cats as pets in the United Arab Emirates, it is not known how Humaid has so many wild animals and has no problem showing them in public.

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