PHOTO + VIDEO | Anastasia Raznatovic cashed 10 thousand euros for her birthday: Ceca and Nemanja Gudelj finally met

Anastasia Raznatovic, Photo: Instagram

Salads, pies, various types of meat and pasta, with a special sweet table on which cakes will be served, are just part of the spectacle that Anastasia Raznatovic prepare it for his birthday celebration. According to Courier, The 24-year-old singer set aside two thousand euros for food, and the whole birthday will cost her ten.

Anastasia decided to finance the whole party herself, and did not want to take a penny from her mother. Drinks cost more than food, because in addition to squeezed juices and cocktails, it offered guests expensive wines and champagne.

For comparison, the cake cost a symbolic three hundred euros, but a lot of money was invested in renting the restaurant, decorating and music. To keep everything in the most luxurious edition, even the guests received gifts on this birthday - Anastasia personally engaged in every segment of the organization.

It seems that everything was supposed to be tip-top, because, besides the birthday, the main guests were her boyfriend Nemanja Gudelj and his family, who arrived from Spain.

Ceca, proud immediately thought in the late hours in a specific way to congratulate her daughter on her birthday, and all this with the support of the whole Gudelj family, led by Nemanja, who came to Serbia for this day.


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The folk diva released a video from the family villa, where she congratulated herself and her daughter on the happiest day with champagne and a box full of red roses with the words "I love you".

Nemanja Gudelj's brother, Draghi posted a family photo on her Instagram account that read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BRIDE", so it seems that the speculations about Anastasia entering this family are no longer a secret. Smiling and in a good mood, everyone rejoices and toasts.

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