PHOTO GALLERY | Atmosphere from the Pride Parade in Skopje

Skopje Pride/Photo: Free Press/Agnesa Chavoli

Even the high temperatures and hot weather did not deter the participants of this year's "Pride Parade" for the fifth time in a row from starting their fellowship and enjoying the program.

The participants have already gathered on the lawns and benches in the "Women's Park" in Skopje, after which at 19:XNUMX after the short welcoming speeches, the protest march through the streets of Skopje is expected to begin, which will end with a cultural and musical program at the ARM stadium in The city park.

Skopje Pride/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

In a statement to the media, Irena Cvetkovic from the "Margini" coalition indicated that the motto of this year's parade is "spectacularly disobedient".

- The LGBT community has always been a responsible member of this society, we fulfill our obligations to the state, but we do not get the same feedback back, our rights are not respected. This community, which has been attacked especially this month with radical hate speech in the public sphere, still comes with dignity, pride, protests and even in the end manages to celebrate and have fun - said Cvetkovic to the domestic media.

Jovana Trenchevska supported this year's gathering with her presence.

Skopje Pride/Photo: Free Press/Agnesa Chavoli

- For the fifth year in a row, I support the "Pride Parade" with the aim of putting an end to discrimination and hate speech and for everyone to enjoy their basic human rights, MP Jovana Trenchevska pointed out to Sloboden Pechat.

Skopje Pride/Photo: Free Press/Agnesa Chavoli

A mother of a person with a different sexual orientation stated that it is important for parents to understand that their children have numerous qualities and values ​​and that they deserve their unreserved support, attention, care, devotion regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Skopje Pride/Photo: Free Press/Agnesa Chavoli

-Sexual orientation and gender identity is not a choice of our children, they do not choose to be different, but they are different only because of their sexual orientation, she said.

Skopje Pride/Photo: Free Press/Agnesa Chavoli

The event will end with a cultural and entertainment program at the Army Stadium in the City Park.

Otherwise, in the central city area of ​​Skopje, today from 15:00, a special traffic regime is in force due to the "Pride Parade".

Today at 17:00 the "Pride Parade" event will be held in the central city area of ​​Skopje. For those reasons, the Department for Road Traffic Safety at the SVR Skopje, starting at 15:00 p.m., will take measures for a special traffic regime in the central city area, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

The Ministry of Interior appeals to the citizens to respect the orders issued by the police officers on the roads where the event will take place.

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