PHOTO | Disturbing depiction of Princess Diana's car accident, "The Crown" again under fire

Photo: Instagram/The Crown/Profimedia

The historical drama The Crown, which follows the story of the British royal family from the XNUMXs to the present day, has already faced fierce criticism for "distorting the truth" several times.

The latest controversy in the series is how Princess Diana's death will be presented in the series. Namely, these days photos appeared from the film set where a replica of the wrecked Mercedes in which the beloved "people's princess" tragically died was placed.

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana was fatally injured in a road tunnel accident at the Pont de Alma in Paris that also killed her then-boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed, and Henri Paul, their driver and hotel security guard. The Ritz in Paris.

Photo: Profimedia

Netflix has emphasized several times that the tragic accident will not be shown in "The Crown", but a source working on the series says otherwise.

"I don't think many people will like that they recreated the crushed car in such detail, and the royal family will be particularly upset." the source told the Daily Mail.

Earlier, Netflix received a lot of criticism for its decision to feature Princess Diana and her famous interview with a BBC journalist. Martin Bashir.

Among the critics was Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, who stated that he was not comfortable with the way his sister was portrayed in the show, but also feared that viewers would forget that it was, in fact, fiction.

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