PHOTO: In Tetovo, a schoolgirl was injured while crossing the street

Photo: Sloboden pechat/Zoran Dimovski

Today at 13:15 p.m. in Tetovo SVR, it was reported that on "Vidoja Smilevski-Bato" street, near the Tetovo primary school, a passenger motor vehicle "Volkswagen Golf 5" with Skopje license plates, driven by 22-year-old A.A. . from Skopje hit a minor pedestrian.

"In the accident, the minor suffered bodily injuries, which were ascertained at the Tetovo Clinical Hospital. At the scene of the accident, a team from SVR Tetovo carried out an inspection", said the spokesperson of SVR Tetovo, Marjan Josifoski.

Photo: Sloboden pechat/Zoran Dimovski

"Vidoja Smilevski-Bato" boulevard, or in Tetovo known as Industrialska, is one of the roads where pedestrians suffer the most. It is driven fast, and on one and the other side of the street there are business buildings, but also homes, so citizens often cross the street for various needs, and they suffer, some of them with injuries, and some even fatally.

A few years ago, residents of this part of the city protested, asking for obstacles to be placed on the street or so-called "lying down policemen" in order to reduce the speed of vehicles. Obstacles have been placed on the road along a primary school where a traffic light has been functioning for a long time.

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