PHOTO | A rare pink albino elephant was born in a national park in South Africa

Photo: printscreen/ YouTube

In the national park Kruger in South Africa, was photographed one year old elephant which is completely different from others. As biologists explain, the small pink elephant is actually albino among its kind and therefore stands out with a different skin color.

Photo: printscreen/ YouTube

Elephants are typically gray, but this little baby elephant, which belongs to the genus Locodonta, has pink skin and light hair, which is the result of a hereditary condition called albinism, which is actually a genetic disorder that stops the production of a molecule called melanin, which is responsible for the pigment in the eyes, hair and skin.

The rare condition "occurs only once in every 10.000 births" of wild mammals, Theo Potgieter, the safari operator who captured the image of the young elephant, said. "Live Science" (Live Science).

Albinism is a rare condition because it is recessive and only occurs when both parents carry the mutated gene and pass it on to their offspring. Due to albinism, individuals have poor vision, as the lack of pigment interrupts eye development, which can affect the animal's ability to forage or successfully track and hunt prey. Meanwhile, the absence of colored fur, scales or skin means they often lose the ability to camouflage against their environment, making it difficult to hide from predators or prey.

Photo: printscreen/ YouTube

Additionally, previous research on catfish has shown that animals with albinism are sometimes culled from members of the same species, which can lead to individuals living alone. However, in this national park, Potgieter says this elephant seems to be completely accepted by the herd.

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