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PHOTO | Will Smith wants to regain the title of "best guy": The actor started training in the gym!

Actor Will Smith apparently decided to return the title of "best guy" in Hollywood, due to which he "threw" himself into hard training.

He announced photo from the gym on which he poses with a smile and under which he wrote:

"Back to the beginning. I look like a circle. Let's go! ", wrote the actor who was wearing sportswear.


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Posted by Will Smith (@willsmith)

Normally, his followers provided him full support, but did not resist joking at all at the expense of his appearance.

The actor before publicly showed how many extra pounds he put on his body during quarantine, after which many told him to stop and work on his body as soon as possible.


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Posted by Will Smith (@willsmith)

Will Smith is one of those already more than two decades successfully enjoy the title of "most handsome Hollywood actors", however his last photograph left us without text, both us and the world, and that is why the actor resolutely decided to bring back his good old look.

PHOTO: Will Smith says he is in the worst shape of his life

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