PHOTO + VIDEO | "You are my biggest dream!": Celine Dion appeared at the concert of the Balkan charmer Stjepan Hauser

Stepan Hauser and Celine Dion with her sons / Photo: Printscreen/Instagram

Croatian musician and cellist Stjepan Hauser, a member of the famous duo "Two Cellos", is currently on tour in America, where the famous singer was a guest at one of his performances in recent days Celine Dion.

The world-famous diva has not appeared in public that often for two years, because she suffers from a severe neurological disease known as stiff personality syndrome.

It's a real privilege to see Celine in public, and when she appeared at Houser's performance, chaos ensued. The Croatian musician knew very well how to please his important guest, so he played a cover of the title song especially for her. "My Heart Will Go On" from the movie Titanic (Titanic) which is sung exactly by Celine.

Overwhelmed with emotion, she sat until the very end, completely engrossed in the performance on stage. After the song ended, Celine stood up with the rest of the audience and enthusiastically applauded Houser.

She thanked and nodded her head as a sign of respect to those present at the concert. In addition, Celine also sent them a few kisses along with sweet words of thanks.

The Balkan charmer tried to convince her to join him on stage, but she politely refused and gave him a hand signal that they should talk afterwards.

- Thank you for being here, it is a great honor for us. Enjoy the rest of the show – said Houser to Celine Dion afterwards.

The two had the opportunity to officially meet and talk after the concert backstage. Celine then did not hide her admiration for his work and work, and a joint photo was taken.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time!" Thank you for coming with your family to my concert in Vegas, it was an honor!", reads the description of their joint photo on Instagram.

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