PHOTO + VIDEO | All the inhabitants of this city live in one 9 km long street

Photo: Lukasz Gagulski / PAP / Profimedia

It often happens while traveling that we come across a place that seems to be "connected" to the main road, from which smaller streets branch off. This is not the case with Suloshova, which is located in the south of Poland and has approx 6.000 inhabitants.

Namely, in this city there is only one street "Olkuska" which extends to approx 9 kilometers, writes in Serbian "National Geographic."

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

Although it is not the longest street in the world, as it is surpassed by other streets like "Roskildei" in Copenhagen, it still has something special that intrigues the tourists who go there.

The city has a school, hospital, churches, shops and homes, as well as a medieval castle from the 14th century, Pieskova Skala, built during the reign of King Casimir III, which was part of a defensive chain called "Eagle's Nest".

Although not visible from the street, Suloshova hides another interesting feature: the fields of crops that surround the place are placed at right angles and represent a perfect harmony of green tones.

Another peculiarity of the place is that the street is part of Via Regia, a route that connects the road with the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

The shape of the city resembles the ideal linear city that the architect Arturo Soria drew at the end of the 19th century. The project was part of a road that led across Europe – connecting several key cities, such as Beijing or Madrid, to facilitate communication.

The nearby plateau of the same name is part of the Ojchovski National Park. It is known for its numerous natural treasures, caves and limestone rocks, the source of the river Pradnik and the 30-meter high rock named Maza of Hercules.

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