PHOTO + VIDEO | Louis Vuitton's new €2.000 boots go viral: Are you kidding us?


The luxury fashion brand "Louis Vuitton launched boots which look like female leg with stockings and heels. They are available in darker and lighter skin tones, as well as ankle or knee length. The price of these boots is 2000 euros on the European market, regardless of version.

The boots debuted at the fair on Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2023 year and are designed to realistically imitate the appearance of a real female leg dressed in LV heels and white socks. Illusion Boots are handmade from calf leather and hand painted to create an optical illusion effect.


It didn't take long for the boots to go viral on TikTok and many people had their say on them, and as is often the case, some loved them and others hated them. TikToker Izzy praised this new pair of boots and noted that she is very excited about the purchase. "I had to buy them," she says in the video.

@izzipoopiUltimate pollypocket/trompe-loeil boots♬ original sound – IZZI

The video has so far garnered over 6,5 million views and many comments.

"I love them, but it makes me say - 'even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes'", "This is the funniest thing I've ever seen", "You paid for this?", "$3000 for that is crazy", I'm speechless", "I love this", are just some of them.

Another TikToker said in her video that she thinks designers want to play with us.

@robynmarieisme #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Robyn

“Designer ugliness. Stop playing with us and making ugly/disgusting designer items," she wrote in the video. “Who's wearing this?” she asked in the video.

"I even like them", "This is in case I don't want to wax all winter", "I want to see them on someone", "I think they are cool", "Venus Williams wore them earlier this year (low boots) and she looked cute,” “This is the ugliest piece of crap called luxury I've ever seen!” were just some of the comments below her video.

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