PHOTO + VIDEO | Unprecedented luxury: All villas and houses of Novak Djokovic

Photo: Printscreen/ Facebook/ Carlo Dipasquale

The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic he invested part of the money from his fruitful career in real estate, so there are many around the world.

The ковиokovi. Family owns villas around the world, and each of them costs a whole fortune.

After the defeat with the Serbian national team at the tournament in Spain, Novak Djokovic is currently resting with his family in his villa in Marbella, which costs 10 million euros and is their property since 2020. B92.

New York

Novak owns two penthouses in the "Big Apple", for which he paid 10 million dollars. They are located in the Soho neighborhood and were designed by architect Renzo Piano to exude luxury.


New York isn't the only place where Djokovic owns real estate, as the world number one has also created an oasis for himself in Miami. The house is 35 acres in size and overlooks the ocean. Since they never wanted to live there, they bought the property for 5 and sold it for 7,15 million.


They also bought a house in Kosmaj, which costs 2,9 million, but immediately decided to renovate it. The plot on which they bought the house covers several hectares.

Herceg Novi

Novak Djokovic bought a luxury property in the newly opened Porto Novi neighborhood for 10 million euros. You must have paid attention to where the Djokovic family spends their summer breaks between tournaments, and most of the time it is exactly in the Montenegrin luxury neighborhood. It is not unknown that Novak and Jelena choose Montenegro for all family celebrations, so they often spend their summers in this complex.


It can be said that Novak invested mostly in real estate in Monaco. He has an estate in Monte Carlo, which faces the Mediterranean Sea. It is not known exactly how much money he invested in it.


The number one tennis player in the capital of Serbia owns a penthouse in the luxurious West 65 neighborhood, which he paid 545.000 euros for. One of the things they have in it is a 100 square meter terrace with a swimming pool.

Lake Pavlovac

The Djokovic family also has a villa by Lake Pavlova, near Ruma. The magnificent building has 1.200 square meters, and the property itself is several hectares in size.
Since the news that the best tennis player in the world has chosen this destination for investment, land prices have risen in these areas.

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