PHOTO + VIDEO | The most expensive grape in the world: One kilogram costs 11.000 dollars

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

Ruby Roman е the most expensive grape variety in the world, and comes from the Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa. This XL grape has an intense taste thanks to the high concentration of sugar, and only one bunch can cost up to 400 euros. During the 2020 auction, 900 grams of Ruby Roman grapes were sold for $ 11.000, which begs the question – how can a grape variety be so expensive?

Ruby Roman grows exclusively in Ishikawa Prefecture, in the Chubu region of Japan, on the island of Honshu. Cultivation of this variety began in the spring of 1995 at the Sand Dunes Agricultural Research Center, where 400 seeds of a black grape, called Fuji Minoru, were planted in an experimental plot to satisfy the wishes of the growers. "Reporter Gourmet" (Reporter Gourmet).

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

The plants began to flower around 1997, and only four of the 400 specimens produced fruit, among which was the Ruby Roman variety. But this variety of grapes came on the market only in 2008 and achieved great success, so its prices also increased.

The criteria for classifying grapes as Ruby Roman are extremely strict – each bunch must weigh at least 20 grams, have a minimum diameter of 30 millimeters and have a sugar content of 18 percent. There are even top-class Ruby Rome grapes, with seeds exceeding 30 grams.

The classification criteria are very strict. Before reaching the market, the bunches are inspected one by one, and after passing the checks, a certificate of authenticity is placed on each package. In addition, Ruby Roman has a bright ruby-red color and has an incredible sweetness, which makes the beans look like these precious stones.

Ruby Roman is grown in greenhouses, where in addition to size, shade and sugar level, attention is also paid to some other parameters – light intensity, which is crucial for color development, because insufficient light results in pale grapes. Temperature control and air circulation are also important, all so that the grapes have bunches of the same size.

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