PHOTO | Vesna Zmijanac for the first time in public after heart surgery: How does the singer look after three months of recovery

Photo: Instagram/Vesna Zmijanac

The Serbian singer Vesna Zmijanac In March, she underwent an operation the heart, during which it was incorporated bypass.

The singer has recovered so far, and now she is slowly returning to her professional engagements.

Namely, Vesna will perform in Bulgaria this weekend.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The hairdresser Boris Obreshski prepared her for the performance and published a joint photo with her, and many commented that the singer looks great after the operation, and it is evident that she is recovering successfully.

To recall, the singer realized a few months ago that her health condition was alarming and that she must no longer play with her health, so she decided to listen to the doctors who told her that she should undergo an operation.

"Vesna has not been feeling well lately. She had frequent arrhythmias, and her blood pressure was high, reaching up to 250. That's why he scheduled an examination, during which the doctors determined that a bypass must be implanted as soon as possible," said a source close to Vesna and added that the singer was not afraid of the intervention on the heart, it says Serbian "Blitz".

She does not want to talk about her health condition, and as reported by the Serbian media, after the performance she plans to go to Athens, where it is already located her daughter Nicolia with the family.

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Vesna Zmijanac underwent heart surgery: The singer has a bypass




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