PHOTO: Vandalized Victory Monument in Tetovo

Today, unknown vandals damaged the Victory Monument in the strict center of Tetovo, on which part of the plaster of the base has collapsed.

Unofficially, according to eyewitnesses, the monument was damaged by children, hitting with stones.

In the past, this monument was vandalized many times, and the last time it happened was last October, during the election campaign, when Besa activists they scratched it out and pasted it with posters with the image of their leader Bilal Kasami, who later became mayor.

The last desecration was condemned by the Municipal Organization of the Union of Fighters from the city.

"The municipal organization of the Union of Fighters strongly condemns this vandalistic and uncivilized attitude of individuals and groups who damaged the monument of the revolution, which symbolizes the anti-fascist struggle of the Macedonian people and other nationalities who selflessly sacrificed for national freedom. We demand that the perpetrators be discovered and held criminally accountable for what they have done," the organization responded.

The Victory Monument, which today is also known as the Revolution Monument, is dedicated to the triumph of the anti-fascist forces in the National Liberation War. It was built in 1962 and is the work of the first sculptor from Tetovo Borka Avramova, which according to the chronicler of Tetovo Darko Gavrovski is the author of the first solo exhibition of sculptures in Macedonia (Skopje, 1954), which was also the first solo exhibition of a female artist in our country.

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