PHOTO: Heavy Traffic Accident in Cento, Driver Who Crashed into a 65-ka Bus

Photo: Alsat

A serious traffic accident happened this afternoon in the Skopje neighborhood of Cento, when a car at high speed collided with a bus number 65, which runs in the neighborhood, announced Alsat.

According to initial information from the Ministry of Interior, one person lost his life in a car accident.

Photo: Alsat

Teams from the Ministry of Interior and the Fire Brigade came to the scene.

"Today around 17.35 pm it was reported that a traffic accident occurred on the street" MA Chento "between the bus of JSP line no. 65, driven by S. "S. (1961) from Skopje and a PMV" Golf "with Skopje license plates, driven by SO (1982) from Skopje", say from the Ministry of Interior.

The ambulance doctors confirmed the death of S.O. The driver of the bus and one passenger of the bus were transferred to UC "Mother Teresa", and three passengers of the bus were transferred to the CGH "St. Naum Ohridski".

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