PHOTO | Tanja Kochovska got a nephew: Joakim was born

Tanja Kochovska
Tanja Kochovska, son and daughter-in-law / Photo: Printscreen / Facebook

Our famous actress Tanja Kochovska on her Facebook profile shared the happy news that her son Alexander has become a father.

Tanja shared the news that she became a grandmother in her style with two interesting photos.

"Yes, yes, ба Babaaa. Predrag grandfather. "Joachim was born," she wrote in the description of the two photos.

Let us remind you, Tanja Kochovska's son got married at the end of February this year. Alexander asked Monica for a wife in November, at the place where he met her, and in the photo he shared with his new wife he jokingly wrote "Game Over" - "The game is over".

And then, the actress in a similar style announced that she has a daughter-in-law.

"Yes, yes, be," she wrote in the description of the photo, in which Alexander toasts with beer next to his wife Monica, who wears an elegant white dress and holds a romantic bouquet of tins in her hands.

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