PHOTO | STEFAN KAKO ACA LUKAS: The make-up artist transformed into the famous Serbian singer and looks like his twin

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Stefan Subotic is a well-known make-up artist from Serbia, but also outside the borders of his country. In addition to emphasizing the natural beauty of each of his clients, Stefan is also known for his transformations as a queen, experimenting with various combinations of clothes, high heels, make-up and wigs.

Subotic is a transformation wizard. He discovered his talent more than 10 years ago. For years he has made up women for weddings, girls for prom nights and other festive occasions, and sometimes he knows how to "fix" himself.

Recently, Stefan surprised us with several more masterful transformations inspired by public figures, both in the Balkan countries and in the world.

After the masterful transformations of Subotic in Josipa Lisac, Ruska Jakic, Severina, Jelena Karleuшаa, Eva Ras, Angelina Jolie, Lepa Brena, the make-up artist surprised us today with another incredible transformation.

Stefan as Aca Lucas, thanks to his skillful hands again caused admiration among the fans.

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