PHOTO | Controversial building in Przino breaks down retaining wall: Residents demand responsibility from those who approved the construction

This afternoon, a retaining wall of a house in Przino collapsed, in the immediate vicinity of which four multi-storey buildings are being built.

As Free Press wrote, Last Thursday, the citizens living in the immediate vicinity of the construction site blocked the access to the plot on which, according to them, too large buildings are being built, which according to their size do not correspond to the location, where individual houses dominate.

Photo: Free Press

They first with a live shield prevented the excavators through a narrowand a dead end to reach the site where four four-storey buildings are to be built, but then they broke through and started working. About that you wereThe situation was used when representatives of the citizens went to a previously scheduled meeting with the municipal construction inspector.

Photo: Free Press

"The wall in Przino fell! This is the second wall that fell in Przino! Well done mayor! " are the first comments about the demolished wall in Przino on social networks.

The citizens demand responsibility for endangering the safety of the citizens and their property in Przino and demand the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to hold accountable those who issued approval for the construction of large buildings in such a small and overcrowded area.

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