PHOTO | Snezana Taneva, farmer: You work on a farm from morning till night, and yet, the cattle breeders do not enjoy much respect!

снежана танева
Snezana Taneva, farmer / Photo: Private archive

Snezana Taneva, a farmer, is an exceptional woman, primarily because of her tireless commitment to work, but also because she is a guardian of the family tradition.

She grew up in a livestock family where the only subsistence was the farm and agriculture. Her father was a successful farmer, at a time when ranchers enjoyed great respect and earnings.

снежана танева
Snezana / Photo: Private archive

Everything her father earned was from honest work. Snezana and her brother and sister grew up with cows and sheep, grazing them, playing with lambs, and when a calf or lamb was born, it was a great joy for the family because the income came.

- When my father managed the property, he wanted me to inherit it. I honestly did not want to. I wanted to get married and save myself from hard work. But fate devised another plan for me. Although, according to an unwritten rule, boys inherit property or agriculture, this was not the case with us because my brother had health problems and my sister chose another profession. Well, I had to take matters into my own hands - this knight begins her life story.

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