PHOTO | A kebab account from the Croatian coast has shocked the region

Photo: Profimedia

From Trogir here comes another shocking new catering bill, here's how much they cost medium kebabs and fries.

In the sea of ​​big price increases, now the high prices are shocking the caterers even more.

In recent days, he has been attracting the most attention Trogir in Croatia. From that beautiful Dalmatian city, as he recently announced "Free Dalmatia", two big surprises have arrived for the prices in catering facilities there.

First one guest paid seven euros for a tonic, and then from the camp Seget Vranjica perhaps an even bigger bill arrived, for coffee with milk, which the guest paid 4,50 euros.

And from Trogir, another guest contacted "Free Dalmatia" who decided to treat himself to kebabs near the Trogir market. There, he writes, medium kebabs cost 6,5 euros, а French fries 4 euros. Which means that meal without drinks cost him 10,5 euros, without a tip for the waiter.

The guest was so surprised that he didn't get to take a picture of the receipt, but he did take a picture of the price list as proof of his claims. The guest from Trogir also calculated that the increase in prices since last year is approx 40 percent for kebabs и 50 percent for fries, writes "Free Dalmatia".

You can view the bill, that is, the price list HERE.


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