PHOTO | A Slovenian woman is looking for her twin sister: She raised the entire former Yugoslavia to its feet

Mirjana Kolarich / Photo: Facebook/Mirjana Kolarich

Mirjana Kolarich (47) is looking for her twin sister from Slovenia, who officially died during childbirth, but the family has been doubting that story for years.

"Mom gave birth to us on May 31, 1976 in Maribor. I was the first born, and after the birth of my sister, my mother was told that she died because we were premature. The woman who was in the room with my mother heard a baby cry, but despite the pleas of my mother and father to see the baby's body, the doctors did not show it to them and did not allow them to bury it," she writes on her Facebook profile. .

Mirjana Kolarich in childhood / Photo: Facebook/Mirjana Kolarich

The woman states that she always had the feeling that her sister was alive. On one occasion, she discussed this topic with her mother, who tearfully told her that she also believed that the twin was alive.

"That was the first time my blood froze from those words. The second time such a thing happened to me was when I discovered that in addition to my name in the central register, it was not recorded that I had a twin sister at birth. The third time was when I saw the bracelet from the maternity hospital, which my mother still keeps," says Mirjana Kolarich.

Mirjana Kolarich in her youth / Photo: Facebook/Mirjana Kolarich

She says that the search for her sister, all the information so far leads her to Sarajevo.

"Please look at my photos. Maybe a woman you know looks like me,” she asked social media users, along with a request to share her post on their profiles.

Mirjana Kolarich today / Photo: Facebook/Mirjana Kolarich

Currently, her post has been shared more than eight thousand times, by people from all over the former Yugoslavia.

However, she does not want to reveal why she thinks her sister is in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"I can't reveal now, but maybe another time," she replied to one of the comments on her post.

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