PHOTO | "Elephant's foot" – this is the most dangerous object on Earth, it can kill a person in five minutes

Photo: Iori404 / Deviant Art

In the heart of the notorious exclusion zone in Chernobyl is located deadly radioactive object that he ever could kill a man in seconds.

Even today, "Elephant's foot" is synonymous with the death penalty.

"The Elephant's Foot" is actually a mass of highly radioactive material formed after the 1986 nuclear disaster.

Photo: Printskrin/Instagram/captainzachgilbert

Emergency workers found the three-meter-high toxic mass in the dark chamber below reactor number 4.

They soon found what looked like black lava flowing from the ruptured core. According to the readings from the instruments that measure the radiation (radiation), from the still warm concrete and today, enough radiation is emitted to kill an adult in just five minutes.

Just a few minutes of exposure would cause internal bleeding, uncontrollable vomiting, diarrhea (diarrhea) and after five minutes, surely, a painful death.

According to the scientific journal Nautilus, 30 seconds of exposure to the object will mean your cells will begin to bleed. If you spend 300 seconds in the facility, you have two more days to live, it says "Uniled".


Many believe that "Elephant's foot" is the most dangerous waste in the world, and even today, entering the chamber in which this mass is slowly cooling means signing a death sentence.

Only two official photographs of Chernobyl's "Elephant's Foot" have ever been released to the public, but due to its deadly radiation, radiation has even affected cameras. That's why the photos are of poorer quality, regardless of the equipment with which they were taken.

The existence of this mass even today makes the city uninhabitable for humans and will be so for at least the next 100 years. It is feared that the toxic mass could melt into the groundwater, which could cause another explosion or contaminate the water of the surrounding villages.


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