PHOTO | Scandalous: Besia Ilyazi forbade doctors to prepare for journalists

Besia Ilyazi / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

A scandalous notification dawned on the Toxicology Clinic in Skopje, signed by the economic director Besija Ilyazi. Yesterday, on May 20, she issued an order to the employees of the Toxicology Clinic in two languages, both Macedonian and Albanian, introducing censorship. This follows after professors with 30 years of experience exposed that she wants to hire 18 people who the Clinic does not need and some of whom did not have the appropriate qualifications.

Among them is the paramedic who publicly admitted on camera that he asked the Clinic's laboratory technician to replace urine containing drugs with clean urine, but he was refused the service. Also, the employees pointed out at a press conference that the clinic is not insured, and at one time the toxicological laboratory worked illegally, that is, without the necessary legal requirement for a biologist. The director then held her own press conference only in Albanian, which the media abandoned due to being unable to work.

Unauthorized attendance, making public statements through interviews and calling press conferences are prohibited. Unauthorized convening of conferences for print and electronic media, giving interviews, etc., which would cause damage to the interests and reputation of the clinic, is prohibited. Meetings with journalists of other media, only with prior notification of the acting the director, writes in the order.

In Articles 30 and 31 of the Statute of the Toxicology Clinic, there is no provision that allows the economic director to introduce censorship, but there are many responsibilities for the economic director, including respect for working hours, the economic operation of the clinic, etc.

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