PHOTO | Scandal on the red carpet in Cannes: A famous singer in a heated argument with a member of security

Kelly Rowland / Photo: Profimedia

The singer Kelly Rowland made a scandal of Cannes Film Festival, at the premiere of the French film "Marcello Mio". She was photographed having a heated argument with a member of security while walking the red carpet.

Kelly wore an elegant red dress for the occasion, but instead of her looks, she drew attention with her behavior. Namely, while she was climbing the stairs to the theater, she got into a verbal argument with a security guard.

Photo: no, Credit line: Eventpress Kochan / imago stock&people / Profimedia

Kelly appeared furious and raised her finger to admonish the woman in front of the crowd. The security guards were telling her something, but the singer continued to climb the stairs. For now, it is not known what caused this conflict. This is not the first time Kelly has shown her displeasure in public.

Kelly left the Today show this February. It was claimed she quit the show with host Hoda Kotb because she was unhappy with her wardrobe, prompting Rita Ora to step in as a last-minute replacement.

Photo: no, Credit line: Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency / IPA / Profimedia

However, sources have since claimed that Kelly actually left the show because of Hoda's co-host Savannah Guthrie's "disrespect" towards her, who "aggressively" questioned her about her former co-star Beyoncé instead of asking the singer about her in the new film " Mea culpa', which she was supposed to promote there.

A source told the outlet at the time that Kelly and her team would not agree to an interview that included questions about Beyoncé and Destiny's Child because "she wants to put it behind her" and move on with her career. But the Today show generally disagrees that interview topics should be off limits.

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