PHOTO Bit-market scandal: He threw 228 expired insulin pens in front of the pharmacy

Photo: Private archive / Collage: SP.

Diabetics and employees of the insulin pharmacy at the Bit Pazar polyclinic are upset after a scandal greeted them at work this morning. A total of 228 expired insulin pens from the brands "Fiasp" and "Lantus" were left this morning at the door of the insulin pharmacy in Bit Pazar, which is part of the Health Center, "Sloboden Pechat" learned.

We checked the information and it was confirmed by the head of the depot Slavica Jurukovska. According to her estimates based on market prices, (one pen costs on average about 600 denars), this is a loss and misuse of 136 thousand denars that have been thrown into the water.

The number of dilemmas like this insulin ended only in one person who was not actually treated is extremely large. It is also possible that the insulin pens were collected from several patients, but the procedure to leave the pens in front of the door in such a way is shocking.

Illustrative photo of an insulin pharmacy / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

The insulin pens were not given to another diabetic, not only because they had expired, but also because the protocol of the insulin pharmacy requires an already assigned insulin pen, even if it is returned - to be spent at the end of the year.

The reason, as explained by Jurukovska, who is a pharmacist, is that the insulin pharmacy dispenses only insulins that it is sure have been stored and maintained in the cold chain.

- This morning, the technician at the Bit Pazar pharmacy reported to me that someone had left two large bags full of unused "Lantus" and "Fiasp" insulin pens in front of the door, at the entrance.

That's too much. Now these 228 pens are not only unusable, but we don't even know who this patient is. We don't have cameras, we don't know who the patient is.

In addition, whenever someone returns an insulin pen, even if it has a good expiration date, that pen is still spent and not used, because we cannot be sure if the cold chain was observed from the patient who returns it, said Jurukovska.

She adds that Zdravstven Dom Skopje is damaged by negligent actions of some of the patients, because when they return unused insulins, they are kept until the end of the year - they are destroyed at Drisla with money provided by Zdravstven Dom.

She does not plan to report the case to the Public Prosecutor's Office because there are no cameras at the site where the bags of 228 unused and expired insulin pens were left, nor are the pens marked with the patient's name or any markings that could identify them. identify. Thus, the case will remain a great mystery and will open the questions in whose hands these insulin pens end up.

Dime Velev from the Union of Associations of Diabetics, expresses his revolt both as a diabetic and as president of the Union for "Sloboden Pečat".

- Diabetics with type 1 receive a dozen of these pens a month, and those with type 2, around five pens.

Imagine how many unused months these are and how irresponsible and criminal this behavior is, to throw away something that means someone's life like this, Velev told "Sloboden Pechat".

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