PHOTO | All eyes on the woman who was by Kate Middleton's side: Numerous scandals are hidden behind her angelic face, and no one can believe how old she is

Kate Middleton and Kim Kyung Hee / Photo: George Cracknell Wright MEGA The Mega Agency Profimedia

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and his wife Kim Klon-hee, were recently on an official visit to Great Britain.

They attended the official parade in London, and then a glamorous reception was held in their honor at Buckingham Palace.

The hosts were the British King Charles III and Queen Camilla, and the Princess and the Prince of Wales played an important role. The South Korean first lady has shown impeccable fashion style, which has previously been the subject of controversy as, indeed, have been many other parts of her life. The unrealistically youthful Kim was an actress in numerous affairs.


South Korea's First Lady Kim Klon-hee wore a sumptuous A-line gown in classic black with interesting gray detailing and a mini bag to Buckingham Palace as further proof of how much she cares about her fashion image.

Queen Camilla matched her with a lavish red dress and her stylists managed to improve her fashion sense significantly after her husband became King of Britain.

We also saw the wife of the president of South Korea in an elegant gray coat in the company of Camilla and Kate Middleton. She came up with the styling perfectly for that occasion as well, and her unreal youthful face this time overshadowed even the top fashion.

Kim Kloon-hee is 10 years older than Kate Middleton, she is 51 years old, although she looks several decades younger. It's like she doesn't age at all. The question is what is behind it all? Everyone is surprised to hear the date and year of her birth, and what else is known about the controversial first lady of South Korea?

She was accused of falsifying her resume and copying Audrey Hepburn

She is the CEO and President of Covana Contents, an art exhibition company. She attended Myungil Gils High School, then graduated from Kyong University with a Bachelor of Arts.

She was an actress in numerous scandals, and in 2019 she was under investigation for allegedly taking a bribe to hold an exhibition. Two years ago it was written that in her biography she unfoundedly emphasized (embellished) her relationship with "New York University Stern School of Business". She later apologized and said that she would be more dedicated to her position, and in 2021 she was under investigation for corruption for alleged malpractices on the stock market, writes

Kim is dedicated to humanitarian work, but she was accused of copying the Hollywood actress and great humanitarian Audrey Hepburn because of the way she represents humanitarian advocacy. It was also written that she copied Jackie Kennedy's style of dressing, and her absence from official events due to private commitments was very harshly commented on, while the photo of her and US President Joe Biden holding him by the hand was assessed as an inappropriate diplomatic act.

Kim and her husband have been married since 2012.


South Korea's first lady's beauty experts

The youthful appearance of this first lady was also commented on by Ainas Musa, founder of the "Perla" dermatology clinic: "Methods such as facial fillers and Botox are common to achieve a rejuvenated appearance without the need for surgery."

These treatments can help smooth fine lines and restore volume, giving a natural youthful appearance."

Behind the appearance of the first lady of South Korea is the principle of "less makeup is better", as well as a strict skin care regime: "Glowing skin could be the result of a dedicated skin care routine, which potentially includes medical treatments for face and advanced care products. Apart from professional treatments, lifestyle also has an impact, i.e. a balanced diet, regular training and proper hydration."

Even Laura Kay, a beauty expert and founder of Laura Kay London, has her own opinion, who pointed out that Kim Kyung-hee looks natural, and a little makeup and a simple hairstyle help, that is, the "Undone beauty" trend.

She mentioned that there is a good chance that Kim was going for Botox and fillers after all.

"As many experts know, looking natural or 'underdone' comes after extensive preparation and behind-the-scenes work to achieve that perfect look, some of celebrity's favorite tricks are permanent makeup and laser treatments."

Laura Kay believes that the wife of the South Korean president uses the most expensive skin care products, the most modern skin peelings and that laser treatments are her routine, writes "Daily Mail".


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