PHOTO | All eyes are on Karolina Gocheva: Hollywood diva on the red carpet at the opening of "Manaki Brothers"

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Our famous singer, Karolina Gocheva shone on the red carpet at the opening of "Manaki Brothers"

The proud woman from Bitola shone in the creation of the Macedonian designer Jovana Filipovi. In an elegant black dress with long sleeves, high slit and deep neckline.

The perfect hairstyle and make-up of the singer was the work of the artists Oktaj Sejdi and Ksenija Vangelovska, and the long-term stylist of Karolina, Caci Pakovska, made sure that everything looked perfect.


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All eyes were on Gocheva, who shone on the red carpet, and then together with her fellow citizen and collaborator Nikola Micevski performed on stage in the Patio of the Institute and Museum - Bitola.

Gocheva performed the unforgettable "Over the Rainbow", "Perfect Day" and "Kiss from a Rose" with which she softened the guests at the 42nd edition of the International Film Camera Festival "Manaki Brothers".

After the performance, Karolina addressed the audience and her fellow citizens:

"Before leaving the stage, I want to say how happy I am to be here tonight, because, as a woman from Bitola, since I was a child very often, almost every year, I have visited the Festival privately, but this year I received an official invitation for the first time and I want to thank the organizer for remembering me. Thank you. "Tonight I sang several music tracks from movies, from different periods of time, and my longtime collaborator and friend, also from Bitola, Nikola Micevski, helped me with that." said Carolina.

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