PHOTO | All eyes on her: Jelena Djokovic shined in a €500 dress on the red carpet in Madrid

Jelena and Novak Djokovic / Photo: SOPA Images / ddp USA / Profimedia

Jelena ковиokovi. last night she shone at the awarding of the Laureus Sports Awards in Madrid, hand in hand with husband Novak Djokovic, who again received this prestigious award for the best athlete.

The pair were fashionably matched on the red carpet. They appeared in black fashion outfits – Novak wore a black suit with a bow, and Jelena an elegant black dress that revealed her shoulders.

Photo: EPA-EFE / Kiko Huesca

Jelena surprised everyone with her choice of dress, designed by Serbian fashion designer Dragana Ognjenović, which costs around 500 euros. Along with her dress, she wore discreet but expensive jewelry, and her hair was in an elegant bun.

Photo: EPA-EFE / Kiko Huesca

As they write Serbian media the jewelry that Jelena wore is signed "Cartier", and the prices of the pieces are dizzying. Namely, the necklace has 71 diamonds of 7,98 carats and 142 diamonds of 6,77 carats. The price on the official website is $194.000. The earrings she wore are from the same brand as the necklace, consisting of 19 diamonds of 1,64 carats and 10 diamonds of 2,25 carats. Their price is $78.500. On her hand she wore a ring whose price is close to the price of the earrings.

The only thing that is not known is whether Jelena bought this jewelry or "Cartier" gave it to her to wear, as the biggest stars do for prestigious events like Oscars, Grammys and so on.

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