PHOTO | Her son died of cancer, and at the age of 68 she had a second baby: Ana García Obregon and her daughter have the same name

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

The Spanish presenter and actress Ana Garcia Obregon shared the happy news – she became a mother at the end of her seventh decade, at the age of 68. The famous Spanish woman got her daughter through a surrogate mother in America.

Anna previously lost her only child in May 2020; her son Alex Lecchio died at the age of 27 after a battle with a severe form of cancer.

She had Alex in a relationship with the Italian aristocrat Alessandro Lecchi, with whom she is no longer in love, but the couple remained on friendly terms. In the following two years, Anna lost both her parents, so she left behind a very dark period and decided to seek comfort in motherhood and another child.

Anna carried out the whole process in complete secrecy, and only her sisters Celia and Amalia, as well as the aforementioned Alessandro Lecchio, the father of her late son Alex, knew about it.

In mid-March, she went to Miami, where the surrogate mother gave birth, and the girl was born on March 20, two days after the presenter's 68th birthday. The presenter was even photographed leaving the maternity ward with the baby in her arms; the newborn is wrapped in a pink blanket and wears a knitted hat on his head.

It is interesting that Garcia gave the girl her name, so now they are both called Anna!

Spanish media reports that the child was born to a teenage girl who became pregnant in June 2022, the month Alex would have turned 30. To recall, surrogacy is legal in the United States, both for couples and for only one parent.

By the way, Anna founded a foundation named after her son Alex, the purpose of which is to raise funds for further cancer research and cures for this disease.

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